About Us

MakerHealth is part of Pop Up Labs LLC, a spin out company from MIT launched in 2015 to bring the tools and mindset from the maker movement into healthcare.
No. We are not focused on re-creating, fabricating, or finishing an idea for the healthcare community. We care about empowering others to create.


With the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) mindset, people use their creativity to design, invent, make and re-imagine everyday devices, using unique applications of technology and off-the-shelf materials.
Health makers the problem solvers and patient advocates who live and work in the heart of our healthcare system. They recognize the opportunity for better patient care through improved technology or new design. Sometimes these improvements are within their reach to create. Other times, these innovative ideas remain a sketch on the back of a napkin, waiting for the right support to bring them into realization. Anyone can be a health maker. We've seen everyone from nurses to doctors to therapists and patients create health hardware technology.
We find that many of the health devices that makers are creating are non-invasive and provide benefit to themselves and/or patients with minimal risk. Additionally, almost all healthcare institutions have Institutional Review Boards that are responsible for reviewing devices before patient use. We interface closely with the IRB and other departments to make sure safety guidelines are followed.


In September 2015, MakerNurse and UTMB Health launched the nation’s first medical makerspace in John Sealy Hospital in Galveston.
Making in healthcare is a global movement. Our tools, trainings and makerspaces are designed based on our team’s 9 years of experience researching health making global — from the rural hospitals of Eruwa, Nigeria to the homes of tuberculosis patients in Ethiopia. In 2013, with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, we brought this framework to the US to explore frontline making in the American health care system. Since launching the MakerHealth and MakerNurse communities, our team has heard from health makers in Canada, Spain, the UK, Amsterdam and Australia. Health making is global and we are are working hard to bring the resources and prototyping tools to hospitals around the world.
Yes! Students have some of the best ideas for new medical devices. We have developed curriculum to build prototyping modules into current medical and nursing school programs through semester long-courses, summer internships and short-term hands-on projects.
We’d love to talk — send us a note via the Contact Us page or call at 617-209-7712.


Visit the Resources page for tutorials and tips on how to get started prototyping.
Yes! In fact, many health makers start off without any prior experience making.
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