Build a culture of making at your hospital.

MakerHealth Expedition Site Programs

As value based care drives healthcare to explore new models for collaborative, co-created care, hospitals need the tools and frameworks to cultivate creative problem solving and innovation, starting with frontlines staff and reaching into new models for patient and family engagement. The MakerHealth Expedition Site Program brings a network of resources to grow and sustain a culture of frontline clinical makers in a hospital

Empowered by access to a clinical makerspace and just-in-time training modules, your clinicians and frontline staff can and will become the creators of new health technology solutions for your hospital. MakerHealth Programs provide the framework to amplify this creative problem solving and enable hospitals to partner with patients to create precision medicine hardware solutions. Through a backend MakerHealth OS, connect these novel hardware solutions into clinical workflows for risk assessment, quality improvement, human resource validation, research and licensing.

  • Avoid the pitfalls of IP driven innovation portfolios by uncovering and scaling stealth medical making already happening in your hospital.

  • Build a culture of innovation among staff with 24/7 access to a clinical makerspace installed at the point of care in your hospital.

  • Provide Just-In-Time training modules to help frontline staff learn technology and design skills to invent new health technologies.

Uncover Stealth Makers:

Using a State of Making diagnostic toolkit, we work with you to map existing solutions made by frontline staff.

Build a Culture of Innovation:

Support the moments of ingenuity whenever the occur with a 24/7 access hospital MakerHealth Space that provides the tools, digital fabrication equipment and smart materials to let staff tinker and experiment in medical making.

Just-In-Time Education:

Learning modules that help staff learn prototyping techniques needed to be biomedical innovators without an engineering degree.

Engage patients through personalized medicine hardware:

Work side-by-side with patients using tools such as 3D printing, smart sensors and thermoforming to craft care solutions that are more affordable and personalized.

QI and risk assessment guidelines:

A MakerHealth Operating System to safely guide health technology prototypes from experiment to the bedside and connect the ROI to your existing workflows.

MakerHealth Analytics:

Dashboard to track prototype progress, staff development, and patient engagement.

Connect to a global network:

Learn best practices and case studies from healthcare leaders across the globe through the MakerHealth Network.
Connect with our team to learn how MakerHealth can inspire a culture of creative problem solving and making through makerspaces, analytics, and smart training modules. Feel free to contect via mail or our contact page.